Why are some people luckier than others? Although many believe it, that notion simply isn't true. Here are some tools that will help you to increase your luck factor and maybe even lead a charmed life.

If you want good luck, a talent for following hunches is one of the most essential tools you can develop. How many times have you been in a situation where you had a feeling that you should do something in particular? These gut feelings are hunches. It is your inner voice talking to you.

Here you will find quotes, poems or passages to uplift your spirits, brighten your day and feed your soul!

Each post also includes an amazing fantasy art image or a stunning photograph to compliment it. With over 100 quotes and images to choose from, you are sure to get lost in your enjoyment of this page.

To have an after life event is one of the most thrilling and life changing experiences a human being can ever experience.

Like most people, I never believed anyone could die and come back from Heaven until it happened to me. This is my story.

According to Edward Bylwer-Lyton, "The pen is mightier than the sword". That is very true. In this first installment of my new "And I Quote" series, you will find really hilarious and deeply insightful quotes about writing and being a writer.

 Here are my favorites, which have provided insight, encouragement, comfort, humor and guidance along this path of creative evolution that I continue to nurture within myself.

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