Science & Technology Pages

Check out these great pages about science, technology and space exploration, including Space Bound Magazine, Hauntingly Beautiful Hubble Images, Modern Self Sufficiency and more.


Art and Photography Pages

Enjoy this collection of art pages including Fabulous Fairy Art, How Optical Illusions Work, Visionary Art by Gilbert Williams and much more.

Wisdom and Spirituality Pages

These pages are sure to bring great insights and tips for creating inner harmony. Life skills are great, but what makes these even better are how very easy they are to integrate into your busy schedule.

Here you will find quotes, and pages to uplift your spirits, brighten your day and feed your soul!
Find your inner self and your purpose in life to help create inner contentment.

Amazing Places/Things Pages

Click on the image for links to pages all about the mysteries of our earth and our past. Tour amazing places such as the the pyramids of Egypt, mystical places and mysterious objects.

Read about the Voynich Manuscript and more.

New Age/Alternative Pages

Read about alternative medicine, and be sure to check back for more articles and pages coming soon!

Learn about brainwave entrainment and find great insights into life skills!

Music and Celebrities Pages

Check out these pages devoted to music, celebrities and more.

You will also find my video vaults, articles about celebrity curses, trivia and more coming soon.

Fun and Humor Pages

A great collection of pages chocked full of fun.

Find links to humorous pages, and even one where you can play games to your heart's content! You can create art online with goodies like the Kira Kira lights or create music with the virtual piano and synthesizer!

All free!

Bizaare/Oddities Pages

The world is full of unexplained and unexpected events, people, places and things. Read about these bizarre and strange, unexplainable things in the world. Find out why there is a curse on our presidents. Look for more pages to be listed soon here.

Environment/Mother Earth Pages

Here is where you can find pages about the environment and our Mother Earth. Read these little known facts about lightning and find out why auroras look the way they do.

More coming soon.

People/Culture Pages

The world would be a very dull place, we were exactly alike. Cultural diversity is both a blessing and a curse.

Explore the diversity of world cultures and learn about their customs.


Cool Sites: Best Homework Help on The Web

Let’s face it, the Internet is the information highway. For that reason, it isn’t surprising that the web is the best place to find the best resources for homework and academic papers. Not only that, these sites even offer games, puzzles and other activities that make learning fun!

These are the best sites offering help to both adults and children with their academic papers and homework. One of these sites was even created by the CIA!!


Mystic's Poetry Corner

Join us in our little corner and enjoy an oasis of magical poetry.

Read the fabled Ballad Of Kubla Kahn and some of my own original work along with the poetry of other wonderful poets.

Browse my collection of Christmas ornaments and cards!
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