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According to Edward Bylwer-Lyton, "The pen is mightier than the sword". That is very true. In this first installment of my new "And I Quote" series, you will find really hilarious and deeply insightful quotes about writing and being a writer.

Here are my favorites, which have provided insight, encouragement, comfort, humor and guidance along this path of creative evolution that I continue to nurture within myself.

StumbleUpon Humor

Great collection of humor about StumbleUpon!

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These tales of military gaffes are sure to amaze and amuse you. They prove that sometimes a person can be their own worst enemy.

From the page: "Erwin Rommel, Hitler’s commander, was entrusted with the defense of France’s channel coast against a possible Allied invasion. On the eve before D-Day, he decided that it was so quiet that he might as well go home and celebrate his wife’s birthday."

In these cases, stupidity really changed world history!

Some foreign companies blithely enter the American market with names that are a bit jarring. However, we Americans have had our share of global marketing gaffes as well.

A gourmet chocolate and fruit confection is sold in the United States under the name of Zit. Read about these side splitting translations of brand names.

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