How Optical Illusions Work

Many of us think we are in perfect control of what our minds believe to be true or false. But what happens when your mind is unable to determine what is impossible? Imagine what would happen if your mind suddenly overrides your conviction that something is false.

That is exactly how the mind perceives optical illusions! So just how do these intriguing illusions work? Your brain is constantly interpreting everything you see, feel and hear.

Click the images to find out just how optical illusions fool us.

Gilbert Williams draws great inspiration from celestial realms, which are portrayed in his mystical paintings that bring to our imaginations magical worlds that, until now, have only existed in our purest of dreams. Click on the image to visit the page.

Fractal Art of Bren Parks

Check out my original artwork!

I make most of my designs using the Apophysis 3D fractal generator and then do post rendering work with Photoshop.

You will find a wide variety of designs that are sure to please.

Whether dragons really existed or are just legend, they continue to intrigue us.

Dragons both terrify and enchant us. Did they really roam the earth, or are they the figment of collective imaginations through the ages?

Click the image to enjoy these stunning dragon images along with quotes about dragons.

Art Masterpieces

The Accolade was painted by English artist Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922). Known for his historical pieces, his talent is clearly evident in this and his other works.

Browse this growing collection of art masterpieces throughout history. Read about the artists, their works and the styles they used.

Here you will find quotes, poems or passages to uplift your spirits, brighten your day and feed your soul!
Each post also includes an amazing fantasy art image or a stunning photograph to compliment it.

Browse by category and enjoy hundreds of quotes and images. Just Click on the image to go to the page.

Magi Animated GIFs

Featuring the most beautiful animated GIFs found on the internet, you will surely be delighted by this amazing collection.

Check back often for new categories, animated gifs, glitter graphics, fantasy and digital art.

If you like fairies, you will LOVE this wonderful collection of fairy art.
To make the page even more delightful, I have included a collection of fairy quotes that are sure to put magic in your day.  Click the image to see the page.

Mystic's Magi Angels

I love Angels, and especially in art that doesn't portray them as baby cherubs.

Click the image to enjoy my collection of my favorite Angel art and be sure to check back often for new additions.

Ancient Artifacts

The ancient world would be vastly unknown, except for cultures of ancient times who produced beautiful items that both mesmerize and intrigue us. Here is my page, featuring a growing collection of fabulous pieces of jewelry and everyday items from the distant past.

All about Art Nouveau!  Art Nouveau, or "New Art" call to mind legendary and fantastic realms.

Visit some of the most beautiful art nouveau designed buidlings, browse the fabulous artwork and even find instructions to make a fabulous art nouveau wall cabinet.!


Belly dancers always look so exotic!

Here is a small but growing collection of beautiful images of belly dancers, both vintage and modern.

Jean-Luc Bozzoli creates these visionary images that help us explore our sacred relationships with the mysteries of life and the wonders of our world and of our universe. His art bridges the span between our perception of the world and the higher realms of souls.

This page includes images and a stunning video of his work!

The Best of National Geographic Images

Enjoy these stunning, award winning images by National Geographic Magazine.

I will be posting a new image periodically so check back for the best of the best of their award winning images!

High Def images make the most beautiful art!  These images are sure to take you to realms you could only imagine until now. More will be added to this collection, so check back often!

Take a virtual tour and watch a video that includes interview clips of this magical artist.  Situated in the Dandenongs in a ferny glade, the William Ricketts Sanctuary is a place of beauty and tranquility, due to the natural setting and the mystical sculptures half hidden among ferns along enchanting pathways.

Enjoy this amazing collection of body art and body painting masterpieces.  This page features dozens of fabulous images as well as a video of the 2008 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover body painting event.  Read about technique and types of paint as well.

Women in Fantasy and Digital Art

Fantasy art brings realms to life that otherwise remain locked within the recesses of our imaginations.

These images give us a glimpse of these magical mythical worlds. With over 40 images, this page is sure to please!  Check back often for more posts added regularly.

Take a stroll through these magical worlds and read these beautiful quotes.

This page is the perfect escape.

Totally Awesome Wallpapers

Check out this page where I feature a fabulous collection of wallpaper sites.

Every one offers free wallpapers and have been approved by Web Of Trust.

Image Imaginations

This page is a treasure trove of images! You can click on each image to view a different stunning collection of the best artwork to be found!

A must see for art lovers because it features links to hundreds of stunning images.

Rassouli's Ladies in Art

Rassouli is what one would call a visionary artist, who will certainly be considered one of the great masters in years to come. Here are some of his stunning creations and quotes from him about his artwork. Click on the image to enjoy this beautiful gallery!

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