American Indians: Quotes and Images

American Indian spirituality has a unique beauty.

What better way to present these amazing images than to accompany them with Native American Indian spiritual quotes?

Here are some really bad quotes, slogans and political statements that, in retrospect, make me ask one question – What were they thinking?!

“Fighting for peace” makes just about as much sense as “making love for chastity”. These slogans and statements were actually thought to be logical. On the other hand, I think they are pretty amusing.

Stop Force Feeding Girls In Mauritania

In Mauritania, men regard fat women as beautiful and desirable. As a result, young girls in this African nation are brutally force-fed in a centuries old tradition called "gavage or "leblouh". The custom dictates that young girls be fattened up for marriage by force-feeding them. Methods to make sure the girl submits even includes torture!

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